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Alkarma Novella 6th of october location (Arabic: موقع كمبوند الكارمة نوفلا ٦ اكتوبر)

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AlKarma developments have created the very unique and only compound of one-storey villas in Egypt – Creating unparalleled open spaces and the highest level of privacy.

Striving to provide a true sanctuary for homeowners, the compound includes only 62 standalone villas spread on 20 feddans of which 85% is green space. This ensures that each home has vast green areas and an outdoor forest like feel.

Villa Types: Novella offers 4 standalone villas types of one-floor villas each catering to every family’s different needs and requirements. The compound also offers water features, 2 gates and wide streets making getting around a breeze. Novella has set the bar for luxury compounds that are still intimate and real.

For more info visit or call 15688

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