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Alexandria city location (Arabic: موقع مدينة الاسكندرية)

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Alexandria, also known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, is a vibrant city located along the coast of Egypt. It is situated in the northern part of the country, around 225 kilometers (140 miles) northwest of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Alexandria is a significant cultural, historical, and economic center, with a rich heritage dating back thousands of years.

The city boasts a unique blend of ancient wonders and modern attractions. It is renowned for its stunning coastline, featuring beautiful beaches and a bustling corniche. Many historical landmarks can be found in Alexandria, such as the iconic Qaitbay Citadel, the impressive Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, and the majestic Montaza Palace.

Alexandria is also famous for its library, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which is a tribute to the ancient Library of Alexandria. It serves as a major research and cultural center, housing millions of books and manuscripts.

With its mild Mediterranean climate, Alexandria enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, making it an appealing destination for tourists and locals alike.

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