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The evolution of Maps in the last few years has significantly improved how we live and move around the city. Our vision is focused on the concept of location and its implication on the real estate market in Egypt – Following the development of the residential compounds in the last decade and the rapid urbanization we are witnessing nowadays.

When many of us decide to buy a new property, the decision is primarily made based on the property price, payment plan and the Developer reputation. However, we are buying more than bricks and mortar, we are buying in a new neighbourhood or a suburban that in most cases does not even exist.

Our Aim is very simple, we created a platform to help you see the future of developments in the Egyptian cities and districts. Mapping Properties Interactive Map is a comprehensive tool that enable you to explore all compounds location, masterplan and the nearby points of interest. Also, We’re mapping the national projects and the new transportation lines. Currently we are covering all of Greater Cairo, we will be soon covering other cities.

We have a favor to ask; Can you tell us how you heard about Mapping Properties? and what you’re hoping to see more from us – Here

Sincerely, Team