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6th of October City location (Arabic: موقع مدينة السادس من اكتوبر)

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6th of October City, also known as Madinet El-Sadis Min October in Arabic, is a major satellite city located in Giza Governorate, Egypt. It is situated around 32 kilometers (20 miles) outside of Cairo and was established in 1979 to alleviate the increasing population density in the capital.

The city is named after the Egyptian military victory over Israel in the October 1973 war. It was designed to be a self-sufficient urban area with residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. With its well-designed infrastructure and wide road networks, 6th of October City has become home to many residential compounds, shopping malls, schools, universities, and recreational facilities.

Additionally, the city has attracted numerous international and local companies, making it a hub for various industries. These include automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and IT services. The presence of these companies has provided employment opportunities for many residents and contributed to the city’s economic growth.

6th of October City is also known for its modern architecture and green spaces, creating a pleasant living environment for its residents. The city has a vibrant community and offers a range of amenities and services that cater to the needs of its diverse population.

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