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New Cairo City (5th settelment) location (Arabic: موقع مدينة القاهرة الجديدة)

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New Cairo City, also known as the 5th Settlement, is a rapidly growing residential and commercial area located in the eastern part of Cairo, Egypt. It is situated about 35 kilometers away from the city center. This modern development offers a wide range of amenities and facilities, making it an attractive destination for both residents and visitors.

New Cairo City is known for its spacious residential compounds, luxurious villas, and well-appointed apartments. It is characterized by its wide, tree-lined streets, landscaped parks, and meticulously planned neighborhoods. The area is designed to provide a high standard of living, with numerous schools, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment centers catering to the needs of its residents.

One of the notable features of New Cairo City is its vibrant business district, which houses many corporate offices and commercial establishments. It has become a hub for various industries, attracting both local and international businesses.

Furthermore, New Cairo City boasts excellent connectivity, with major highways and transportation links connecting it to other parts of Cairo. The area is also served by public transportation, including buses and the Cairo Metro.

If you are planning to visit or reside in New Cairo City, you can expect a modern and well-planned community that offers a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a peaceful residential environment or a bustling commercial center, New Cairo City has something to offer.

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