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New Capital Central bus station location (Arabic: موقع المحطة المركزية العاصمة الادارية الجديدة)

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The New Capital Central bus station is a key transportation hub that connects the new capital with the surrounding areas in Greater Cairo and nearby governorates. It plays a vital role in the ongoing road projects aimed at reducing travel time and improving transportation accessibility.

The bus station features two spacious parking areas capable of accommodating approximately 2,400 vehicles. Additionally, there is another parking lot designed to accommodate around 1,000 buses to serve passengers traveling between the new capital and nearby governorates. Furthermore, a third parking lot can accommodate approximately 768 vehicles to cater to passengers traveling within the new capital.

In addition to its transportation facilities, the bus station boasts various amenities for the convenience of travelers. These include a shopping center, an entertainment area housing a variety of restaurants and cafeterias, a police station, and a fire and ambulance unit. Moreover, there are two fuel stations and two bus workshops to ensure the smooth operation of the buses.

The New Capital Central bus station aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable travel experience, fulfilling the diverse needs of both commuters and visitors to the new capital.

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