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New Capital Central bus station location (Arabic: موقع المحطة المركزية العاصمة الادارية الجديدة)

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The central station will link the new capital with the surrounding areas in Greater Cairo and nearby governorates, as part of the ongoing road projects that are meant to shorten the distance and reduce travel time to the new capital.

The project includes two bus parking areas that can accommodate about 2,400 vehicles.
It also has another parking lot accommodating about 1,000 buses to carry passengers between the new capital and nearby governorates, and a third parking lot accommodating about 768 vehicles to transport passengers within the new capital.

The project also includes a shopping center, an entertainment area housing a number of restaurants and cafeterias, a police station, a fire and ambulance unit, two fuel stations, two bus workshops, and some parking lots, el Far pointed out.

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