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Compound Belle Ville Emaar New Zayed location (Arabic: موقع كمبوند بيل في اعمار مدينة الشيخ زايد الجديدة)

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Compound Belle Vie Emaar is a luxurious residential compound located in the new Sheikh Zayed City. Situated on 500 acres directly on the Dabaa Corridor, it offers a prime location at the intersection point of Sahrawy, Daaba, and Zayed. Here are some key details about the compound:

  • Strategic Location: Compound Belle Vie Emaar is conveniently located 1.5 kilometers away from Beverly Hills, offering easy access to various amenities and attractions.
  • Extensive Facilities: The compound boasts a range of facilities including Coventry University, a town center, sports club, lake park (405 square meters), urban beach, The Pavilion, and The Valley (with a width of 40 meters). These amenities are designed to enhance the residents’ lifestyle and provide a variety of recreational options.
  • Diverse Housing Options: The compound offers a variety of high-end fully finished residential units, including apartments (G+3), duet-villas, townhouses, and standalone villas. The standalone areas range from 215 to 550 square meters, providing ample space for families of different sizes.
  • Scenic Views: Every unit within Compound Belle Vie Emaar is designed to overlook a beautiful view, adding to the overall ambience and enjoyment of the residents.
  • Phased Development: The first phase of the compound covers 124 acres and includes 1000 units divided into 5 villages. This phase has a low footprint, with only 17% of the area utilized for construction.
  • The Pavilion: The compound offers convenient services within The Pavilion, including a convenience store, pharmacy, bakery, cafe, laundry, and beauty salon.
  • Town Center: The town center is equipped with various sports facilities such as tennis courts, football courts, squash courts, multipurpose courts, and a pool complex. Additionally, there is a self-defense complex for those interested in martial arts and security training.
  • Apartment Types and Sizes: The compound offers a range of apartment sizes to choose from:

    • 1 bedroom: 75-87 square meters
    • 2 bedrooms: 115-134 square meters
    • 3 bedrooms: 188-190 square meters
    • 3+ bedrooms: 213-215 square meters
  • Residential Unit Mix: The compound features a diverse mix of residential units, with 50% being

For more info visit or call 16116

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