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Compound Belle Ville Emaar New Zayed location (Arabic: موقع كمبوند بيل في اعمار مدينة الشيخ زايد الجديدة)

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  • 500 Acres directly on Dabaa Corridor
  • Sahrawy x Daaba x Zayed intersection point
  • 1.5 KM from Beverly Hills
  • Facilities: Coventry University, Town Center, Sports Club, Lake Park (405m), Urban Beach, The Pavilion and The Valley (width: 40m)
  • Standalone areas 215-550 SQM
  • Types: Apartments (G+3), duet-villas, town houses and standalone villas (high-end fully finished)
  • Every unit will be overlooking a view
  • First phase: 124 acres, 1000 units, 5 villages & 17% footprint
  • The Pavilion services: convenience store, pharmacy, bakery, cafe, laundry & beauty salon
  • Town center: tennis court, football court, squash court, multipurpose court, pool complex, self defense complex etc..
  • Apartment areas :
    1 BR: 75-87 sqm
    2 BR: 115-134 sqm
    3 BR: 188-190 sqm
    3+ BR: 213-215 sqm
  • Residential units mix: 50% single family homes, 23% duet villas and 27% multi-family units
  • Standalone types & areas:
    BUA 491-527 sqm
    PLOT 644-449 sqm
    BUA 303-355 sqm
    PLOT 398-482 sqm
    BUA 276-278 sqm
    PLOT 398-424 sqm
    BUA 282-304 sqm
    PLOT 320-324 sqm
    BUA 204-207 sqm
    PLOT 307-311 sqm
  • Duet Villas: 146-257 sqm
  • Town Middle: 200 sqm
  • Town Corner: 205 sqm

For more info visit or call 16116

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