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Knowledge City New Capital location (Arabic: موقع مدينة المعرفة العاصمة الادارية الجديدة)

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The largest cultural monument in the Middle East, with an area of ​​approximately 100 acres, extending the city of culture, knowledge and arts in the heart of the new administrative capital. This city aims to be the capital of art and culture in the Middle East, and is designed to be an unparalleled cultural architectural masterpiece. It consists of a group of theaters, art and creativity centers, and an opera house similar to the famous Egyptian opera house, and will accommodate 2000 people.

The city includes a reception hall designed at the highest level for 2,500 people, and there is a small theater with two halls for 750 people.

It also includes a 50-person pocket theater, a stone room, 3 largest theaters in the Middle East, a creativity center, a recording studio, a historical opera museum, and a central music and library for up to 600 people.

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